Theme A
Duration: 24th March -31st March
Developing Conceptual Model Policy Frameworks to Understand Causes, Effects and Mitigations of Landslide Occurrences
A conceptual model policy framework is a tool with several variations and contexts. It is used to make conceptual distinctions and organize ideas. Strong conceptual frameworks capture something real and our aim is to carry out this in a way that it is easy to remember and apply.

Prioritized Areas:

  • Development of a Policy Framework to enrich the landslide risk awareness among citizens (including school students, workmen and laymen)
  • Ensure technology transfer among public and enhance adoptability with the mechanism involving landslide mitigation and slope protection measures
  • Concern regarding the significant archeological or historical artifacts or other considerations to be taken into account in a landslide prone area and emphasize the importance of focusing on risk reduction to the respective parties in such areas.

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