Message from Our Co-Chairs
Message from Eng.N.Rupasinghe

Recent tragic incidences of Landslides in Sri Lanka have led to a widespread loss of life and massive disruption in standard of living. It has now become one of the alarming global issues which should be immediately responded. It may be speculated that the human encroachment into landslide prone areas and the enormous range of human undertakings in these surroundings have often steered to increase the risk. We find that a Global Conference is an ideal way of providing plenty of room for respective specialists to assemble the world wide knowledge and expertise to better serve the society in future. I invite all of you to join with this Global Online Dialogue to extract the best to care the needed.

Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment

Message from Prof. Sassa

On behalf of the International Consortium on Landslides(ICL), I am immensely pleased to welcome you to the International E-Conference on Landslide Disaster Reduction which is an active global corporation platform initiated towards Catastrophe Mitigation in the world. Our intention is to deeply confer the areas that are required to be prioritized to reduce disasters triggered by landslides and other related hazards in terms of developing humanitarian frameworks, standards and guidelines that are worthwhile to be followed. I warmly invite you to join us in participation of this global discussion in supporting to bring the sustainable humanitarian future to fruition.

Prof. Kyoji Sassa
Executive Director
International Consortium on Landslides.

Message from the Team Leader

On behalf of the organizing committee, I warmly welcome you to the International E- conference on Landslide Disaster Reduction 2015 with great enthusiasm. The ultimate aspiration of this deliberation is to create a cluster of scientists, researchers, intellectuals and practitioners from institutional or industrial organizations by dissemination of knowledge and exchange of experiences related to disaster resilience. We hope to conduct a lively discussion which may continuously feature an expanded exploration where participants find it as a stimulating and rewarding tool.

Eng. A. A. Virajh Dias
Team Leader WCoE/Cordinator of E-Conference
Additional General Manager(NRM & LS)

Message from UNDP Deputy Country Director

Over 6500 delegates from 187 countries gathered at the UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 in Sendai, Japan and set targets to substantially reduce deaths and economic losses from disasters which are on the increase. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), a key global partner in disaster reduction, already announced a new 10-year global programme to continue supporting country efforts to achieve goals set by the Senadi Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. In Sri Lanka, having assisted the Government to work on disaster management for over two and a half decades, UNDP continues the strong partnership with resolved aim to protect development gains of Sri Lanka from disasters.
UNDP assistance to design and implement the Sri Lanka Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme (SL CDMP) through a multi stakeholder and multi sectoral approach expects to address a current national priority - integrating disaster risk reduction into development to make development risk-informed. Increasing trends in landslides risks and disasters in Sri Lanka, has made it one of the key priorities of the SLCDMP. As such, the National Bureau and Research Organization (NBRO) was supported to carry out a comprehensive landslide risk assessment in central hills of the country and strengthened technical capabilities to gather critical data at local level. UNDP in Sri Lanka is therefore very pleased to partner with Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau (CECB), Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment, to conduct the e-Conference on Landslide Risk Reduction organized to maintain the current momentum and national attention to the issue as well as high global interest culminated recently in Sendai. I cordially invite all of you to participate in this important conference and wish it every success.

Lovita Ramguttee
Deputy Country Director – Sri Lanka
(Programmes and Operations)
United Nations Development Programme

Benifits for You..


  • Being a part of a global professional network to create an active intellectual linkage

  • Explore new provisions to present your own efforts to an inspired community

  • Receive remarks and recognition as an expert within the field through an open source media

How to Submit Your Paper..

International E-Conference 2015

The Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau proudly presents the International E- conference under the theme of “Developing Model Policy Frameworks, Standards and Guidelines on Landslide Disaster Reduction ” as winning the award of World Centre of Excellence on Landslide Disaster Reduction 2014-2017. Our expectation is to establish a global cooperation platform for better understanding of Disaster Risk Management in the world as a whole and provide mitigatory action plans for a better tomorrow. The conference is scheduled to be held from 24th March – 24th April 2015 and free online registration will be available from 10th March 2015. We cordially invite all who are inspired to contemplate beyond the boundaries to explore new provisions in the field of Disaster Management.

Our Objectives:

  • Deliberate the prioritized areas required to develop humanitarian frameworks, standards and guidelines that are worthwhile to be followed
  • Create a cluster of communities to disseminate knowledge and exchange experiences related to disaster resilience
  • Open up a communication media to exchange future activities and action plans on disaster reduction
  • Design novel strategies and mitigatory action plans to minimize the risk in landslide prone areas considering the discussed particulars in the conference.

The Conference deliberations will be on the following sub themes. Each theme will be discussed for a period of 8-12 days. Participants may select one or more topics according to the interest during the time of registration.

Theme A

Developing Conceptual Model Policy Frameworks to Understand Causes, Effects and Mitigations of Landslide Occurrences.

Duration: 24th March -31st March

Theme B

Implementation of Applicable Guidelines / Teaching Tools to Establish Essential Synergies in Landslide Disaster Phenomena.

Duration: 1st April – 12th April

Theme C

Originate Pertinent Standards for Humanitarian Activities in support of Effective Risk Reduction and Mitigations on Landslide Occurrences.

Duration: 13th April – 24th April

Theme A,B,C

Open Session for Comments on all three themes and uploaded papers/discussed questions.

Duration: 24th April – 24th May

Local Forum on Landslide Risk Reduction 2015 Community Discussion in National Level

Recent tragic occurrences of landslide disaster phenomena have led to grab the attention towards Sri Lanka as a landslide prone region in the world. It has been identified that 10 of the districts (out of 25) in Sri Lanka are highly prone to landslides and slope failures specially during rainy seasons.

This has triggered the necessity of developing a Landslide Risk Mitigation Master Plan for the country incorporating all responsible intervening agencies involved with Disaster Management.

The National Building Research Organization of Sri Lanka has stepped into take the initiative of setting up a local landslide forum to discuss the pressing matters starting from the grass root level to the top level specialists and forward the findings to the National Corner National Corner the International E-conference 2015 on Landslide Risk Reduction.

Since it is a current global issue, our intention is to discuss these national issues with global experts and assemble the knowledge to grasp the finest solution to solve the difficulties felt by the innocent communities as early as possible. We find it as the best way to mobilize the global cooperation towards human empowerment by unity and universality.

Duration: 10th April – 24th June

Join to the Global On-line Dialogue!

Registered users will be able to upload their documentary efforts on Landslide Disaster Management, related projects, research areas and report innovative technological background used in disaster mitigation in the world and also view the documentary work published by the keynote speakers.

You are able to comment on any uploaded document of a keynote expert / other participants and create a linkage between a global proficient team.

At the end of each Theme, the most imperative facts discussed throughout the conference will be extracted and presented as a dialogue.

The final outcome of the three dialogues which will be summarized and presented as Summary.


Free Registration       

E-Conference Theme A,B,C
Audience 314   Invitees
National Corner  
New Arrivals
Q1. What is meant by Developing a Model Policy Framework



Moving from 2015 to 2030: challenges and opportunities for higher education

Role of Intervening Agencies and Officials in Emergency Risk Management of Landslides in Sri Lanka

Originate Pertinent Standards for Humanitarian Activities for Effective Risk Reduction- Ms.B.Urugoda

Thematic areas for Landslide Risk Reduction Local Forum


Strengthening the landslide disaster framework in Sri Lanka - Ms. K. Weerasinghe

Structural Mitigation of Landslides - Dr. A. Karunawardena

Contribution of NBRO to Landslide Disaster Risk Reduction - Mr. R. M. S. Bandara

Natural infrastructure for disaster risk reduction: A promising alternative - Dr. D. Wickramasinghe

Challenges of Community Education for Early Warning against Landslides

A disaster resilient built environment in urban cities: The need to empower local governments

Capacity Building Framework for Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness

Strengthening the Landslide Disaster Risk Reduction Framework in Sri Lanka

Early Warning System Management of Landslides in Asia Pacific Region

Landslide risk reduction: addressig the multi-dimensions of vulnerability

Implementation of Applicable Guidelines in Landslide Disaster Phenomena - Dr. P. Ratnaweera, Sri Lan

The Malin Mud Avalanche Tragedy - Dr. R. K. Bhandari

Balance with Nature – Soil, Water and Rock are Inherent Parts of A Landslide


Q9.What do we intend to leave for posterity by way of documentation on diverse and kaleidoscopic asp

Q8.Viewing landslide studies in the larger context of disaster risk reduction

Q7.Early Warning against landslides

Q6.How focused are we on what we need to ensure landslide risk reduction?

Q5.Do the landslide risk reduction policies breed and nurse scientific culture and outlook?

Q4.Development of a Policy Framework to promote multi-disciplinary culture of landslide studies and

Q3.Development of a Policy Framework to promote and enrich the landslide risk awareness

Q2.How sound are the approaches to Landslide risk reduction and mitigation?

Questions based on Theme A - Q1.Are landslide hazards natural?

Importance of Earthquake Induced Landslides in Landslide Hazard Mapping - Dr. R. K. Bhandari

Message from Dr. R. K. Bhandari (Keynote Expert)

Time and Action Plan

Time (2015)

 E-Conference Web Launch

10th March

 Registration of the participants

10th March - 24th May

 E-conference 24th March -24th May

 Discussion of Theme A
24th March -31st March
 Discussion of Theme B

01st April –12th April

 Discussion of Theme C

13th April – 24th April

 Open Session for Comments on
 all three themes and uploaded
 papers / discussed questions

24th April – 24th May

 Local Forum to discuss the
 National Issues–Collaborating
 with NBRO and International

10th April – 24th June

 Collating the uploaded
 documents of the participants

24th May – 24th June

 Summarizing the most significant
 facts that have been discussed
 and view it in “Summary” of each

24th June

 Declaring the final resulted
 particulars in the dialogue

24th July

 Publication including the
 Conference Deliberations  (special
 document including the

24th September

Keynote Experts and Facilitators of E-conference 2015
  • Prof.Sassa
  • Prof.K.Dahanayake
    Sri Lanka
  • Dr.R.K.Bhandari
  • Eng.K.L.S.Sahabandu
    Sri Lanka
  • Dr.V.Hidellage
    Sri Lanka
  • Prof.D.Amaratunga
  • Ms.L.Ramguttee
  • Dr.A Karunawardana
    Sri Lanka
  • Dr.A.A.J.K Gunatilake
    Sri Lanka
  • Eng.K.Weerasinghe
    Sri Lanka
  • Eng.S.S.I Kodagoda
    Sri Lanka
  • Dr.B.Tiwari
  • Prof.P.Ratnaweera
    Sri Lanka
  • Prof.R.Haigh
  • Dr.J.S.M Fowze
    Sri Lanka
  • Mr.R.M.S.Bandara
    Sri Lanka
  • Dr.D.Wickramasinghe
    Sri Lanka
  • Ms.B.Urugodawatte
    Sri Lanka

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